Ringwood North

The “Ringwood North” project, executed by Melbourne Joinery Services, is a stunning example of a whole-house renovation that highlights the rustic charm and elegance of Provincial style in the heart of Ringwood North, VIC. This renovation was meticulously planned to infuse classic aesthetics with modern functionality, creating a timeless space that caters to both comfort and style.

At the core of the kitchen’s design is the Provincial style aesthetic, achieved through the use of Polytec Classic White Matt finishes on the cabinetry. This choice provides a bright and inviting backdrop, which beautifully complements the sophisticated 40mm Caesarstone benchtops in “London Grey.” The grey tones of the stone add a subtle contrast that enhances the kitchen’s overall warm and welcoming feel. These surfaces are not only visually appealing but also highly durable and practical for daily use.

Adding to the kitchen’s allure is a solid American oak breakfast bar, which serves as a stunning focal point and a gathering place for the family. Its rich texture and natural grain provide a touch of organic beauty, harmonising with the handmade details that are evident throughout the space. Blum hardware is incorporated throughout the kitchen, ensuring that the beauty of the Provincial style is matched by the functionality and ease of modern cabinet solutions. The Ringwood North project by Melbourne Joinery Services beautifully combines the warmth of traditional designs with the precision of modern craftsmanship, making it a perfect renovation that respects the home’s original charm while providing contemporary comforts.

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